Commenting Rules

These are the rules for commenting under blog posts.

  1. Comments should be polite, short, and on point. Insults and vulgarisms will be deleted no matter who or what they are aimed at, and the user will be banned.
  2. No spam, advertising, shitposting, or trolling. Such posts will be deleted and users banned.
  3. Links to other web pages can be deleted if I judge them to be improper.
  4. The content of a comment should be relevant to the blog post. This is a blog about knives, my knives specifically, although more generic discussions about knives might be relevant too. Anything else is off-topic and can be deleted.
  5. If I conclude that the comments are straying into undesirable areas, I will first let everyone know. However,  I reserve the right to delete any comment and block any user for any reason and without debate.