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Works on the third sheath do not progress as quickly as I would like, unfortunately. At the moment, it is sewn and sanded and in the process of being dyed. And while I was waiting for the dye to dry, I went for a walk in the forest. Just a walk for mental and physical health. However, I might have found some unique materials for knife making....

Unfortunately, I did not manage to do as much as I wanted to because other duties get in the way, but the work on the sheaths did progress somewhat.

Before I start making leather sheaths, I decided to make a few new leather stamps.



Scrimshaw is the name of the engraving technique on bone. In my Product gallery is a picture of a boot knife engraved with the head of a badger. These two new knives are engraved with animal motives too, although in one case the animal is, alas, extinct.

I did not plan a two-week pause, life circumstances just happened in a way that resulted in it. So today I will pick up where I left off last time – fixing handle scales to the tang.

Bone Scales


I finished re-working my belt grinder to a state when it is usable again, thus I could work on knives once more.

This week a problem with my belt grinder popped up so I had to deal with it. Specifically, when it was running full-speed, the whole thing was vibrating a lot and the ball bearings were very strained and got ruined relatively soon.



Winter arrived suddenly and strongly, it's freezing, and everything is covered with a thick layer of snow. Thus, I postponed the work on the forge since I could not try it out anyway. Instead, I have decided to finish some blades I made a while ago. I intend to make finished knives as long as I can heat the workshop...