Aukro Auctions


Unfortunately, I did not do much knifemaking and I won't for a few more weeks. I have other, urgent duties right now. However, I managed to give my last three knives for auction.

Links are here:


Wild Boar

Black Wolf

The starting prices might seem a bit steep, especially in comparison with "custom handmade damascus steel knife for four bucks, thousand pieces sold already" (a sentence in which I doubt the veracity of every single word), but they are in fact just on the edge of profitability.

Because my products are truly handmade from high-quality steel properly treated, the knives are real knives, functional and sharp, and every piece is unique. Just for illustration – just the materials for manufacturing cost me over 40 € apiece (not just steel, leather, and bone, but also abrasive belts and paper, glue, dye, epoxy resin, etc), and to polish blades of this size to mirror is a work for several days. I am not yet in a situation where I would have to sell my produce at a loss.

However, potential customers can offer a price they deem fit and I will consider all offers.

The auction takes ten days and after that, it will be automatically renewed for an additional ten days. Customers from outside of CZ can contact me directly via e-mail and if nobody else buys the knives via the auction, they can get them.

There won't be any post next Monday, I am out of town during the weekend. The week after that things should continue as normal. The weather is warm so I might finish the new forge. That could be interesting, although I would probably have to wait a few weeks until I light the fire in it.