I will set the knives for sale one per week for the next three weeks. Partly because I would not have much to write about otherwise – the spring approaches and I am currently completely overwhelmed with non-knife work – and partly because I think it is better to give each knife its article and not to dump them in one long wall of text all at once. These three knives won't be sold in my webshop, first I will try to auction them on Aukro.

The first I want to present is the "Auroch". It is a big camping/hunting knife with a slightly stylized picture of an auroch on the right scale and an unadorned left scale. N690 steel, mirror-polished.


Scales are cow bone with dark brown micarta underlayer and hidden pins as describec in previous article.

The leather sheath is embossed with an auroch hoofprint and a basket weave pattern. I have shown one picture of it last week. The sheath has a collar with a snap fastener collar for securing the knife. The collar is from two layers of thin leather so no metal parts rub directly against the scales.


It is a really big knife. Handle nearly 15 cm, blade 17 cm, and over 4 mm thick. It weighs 520 g with the sheath.


If you are from outside the Czech Republic yet you are interested in buying the knife, I'm afraid you will only get a chance to buy it if it does not sell in the auction. This is not improbable, so if you are interested, contact me via e-mail.