"Black Wolf"


The third knife I wish to present here is "Black Woolf". A big camping/hunting knife with a curved blade. This time a full-length tang with a wooden handle. The blade is from spring steel 54SiCr6 blackened with oak bark extract.

The handle is from bog oak – wood that was submerged in a bog where iron ions dyed the wood over centuries black. The bolster and the end cap are from steel blackened with linseed oil, pakfong and black epoxy.

The sheath is of the same type as in the previous two, only this time the animal motive -a wolf's head - is on the sheath and not on the knife handle.

Although it is of nearly the same size as "Auroch" thanks to the thin full-length tang it is much lighter, just under 360 g in the sheath

If you are from outside the Czech Republic yet you are interested in buying the knife, I'm afraid you will only get a chance to buy it if it does not sell in the auction. This is not improbable, so if you are interested, contact me via e-mail.