Bone Scales


I finished re-working my belt grinder to a state when it is usable again, thus I could work on knives once more.

I did not manage to do a lot, volume-vise, but it did take relatively a lot of time. Firstly I had to grind the bone scales with a micarta layer to an appropriate thickness. Then I had to precisely fit the front face of the scales to the scales against the bolster. And finally, I had to fit the scales outlines to the handle.

Natural bone is in my opinion a very beautiful material because it is nearly homogenous while not looking like a piece of plastic. Just like wood, it has pores, tiny cracks and discolorations.

The handle scales are now fitted and impromptu attached with double-sided adhesive tape. I am going to fit the metal pommel caps now and after that, I will assemble the knives with glue and pins.