Large Bushcraft Knife - Part 1 - Prototype


I have to split writing about this design into several short articles, I do not currently have time to do lengthy writing. So today just a bit about how the prototype came to be.

It all began with me needing a machete for some tasks in my garden. And unfortunately, I made a mistake when quenching the blade, so it warped rather badly. When trying to straighten it it snaped in half. However, I was left with a piece just about long enough for a knife. I could weld on a longer tang but I did not want to spend too much time with it so I just annealed a few cm of the broken blade, ground it down to a tang, and fixed it in the handle with a bronze pin. The result looked surprisingly good.

Since then this knife has served me well in the garden for all tasks where machete is needlessly big and a pocket knife too small. The blade is from spring steel and it withstood serious abuse, even of the kind that I do not recommend for knives. And because the design has proven itself as practical, I have used it for two commissions for bushcraft knives. And about those commissions a big more next week.