Making a Commision - Part 13 - Legs


This week I have essentially finished the manufacture for all sets except one. The juniper set either fell or something fell on it and one knife and the block had unseemly deep scratches that I had to sand out, and now it will take several days to re-apply the resin.

However, I have continued with the rest as planned and I added the legs to the blocks. This began with making a mock-up from firewood and fencing wire.

The holes drilled in the sides are not exactly opposite each other. That allows the leg to be made in such a way that its tension makes it have two stable positions. In theory. When I modeled the mock-up leg to my satisfaction, I made a template for bending the 3 mm stainless steel wire used for the final product. The template is simple in principle – just holes drilled in a piece of particle board. Into these holes, I could insert screws and bend the wire around them until I got the final shape. In theory.

The template worked like a charm. I would prefer it to work for real. Maybe if I made more parts I would get better at using it, but it was a huge pain in the ass. Just once I managed to get a usable product straight away. In all other cases, I have spent a significant amount of time with tinkering – bending, straightening, and cursing.

In the end, I managed to add legs to all sets and the legs can be folded. I would not recommend doing that too much, however.

That makes the manufacturing part complete. Next week will be about sharpening.