Winter arrived suddenly and strongly, it's freezing, and everything is covered with a thick layer of snow. Thus, I postponed the work on the forge since I could not try it out anyway. Instead, I have decided to finish some blades I made a while ago. I intend to make finished knives as long as I can heat the workshop to bearable temperatures, to be able to do some leather sheaths indoors later.

I started with these two blades. They are big and I have big plans for them too. They are both mirror-polished, so I intend to make adequately high-end handles too. Bolsters (already done) and pommels from polished stainless steel and scales from beef-bone.

Getting pieces of bone big enough for these is not easy, but I managed to get some. In order to get the desired handle thickness, I glued on them circa 2 mm of dark brown micarta. The micarta provides some more positives – it lowers the possibility of the bone splitting during work and it allows me to completely hide the pins.

We shall see what I manage to make till next week.