Two Bowies - Part 1


I had some hiccups with my auction account so my last three knives still are not for sale. In the meantime, I am going to continue to make new knives. I still have several naked blades that need finishing. Now I wish to continue with two bowie blades.

One is a type of my "small bowie" design, and the other is significantly bigger, although perhaps not so big as to satisfy Crocodile Dundee. For both blades, I intend to make simple wooden handles and strongly decorated sheaths. Handle-making begins with metal accessories – the hand guard and the pommel.

For the small bowie, I make them from 1 mm pakfong. Because I make this design more often, I have punch and die sets from steel for them. Punched parts are lighter, cheaper, and in my opinion, even look better.

However I do not have any punches for the big bowie and for a one-off design, it is not worth making them. Thus I am making the hand guard from 4 mm bronze.

I have currently a lot of other work than knife making, but I already set aside materials for these two handles and thus I should have something to write about each Monday for a few weeks.