Two Bowies - Part 7


I intend to decorate the sheaths for both knives with pictures of birds of prey, so today I will just write shortly about designs and sketches.

For the bigger knife, I decided to use a picture of a soaring eagle that I had drawn more than twenty years ago.

I scanned the original pencil sketch and I adjusted it in Photoshop to a better fit for the intended sheath shape. And when I was at it, I have also used some coloring to sketch out the colors that I would use.

For the smaller knife, I wanted to use a picture of a kestrel and here the template was one of my photographs of two kestrels sitting on a dead branch in a tree behind my garden.

And of course, I did the same things in Photoshop as I did with the eagle.

I printed out the black outlines to use them as templates for embossing the leather. More about that in two weeks – next weekend I am not at home and thus there will not be any blog post.