Two Bowies - Part 9 - Eagle


In a sense, this knife was in the making for over twenty years. For more than twenty years I wanted to make a bowie of this size and more than twenty years ago I drew the picture of an eagle to adorn it. Initially, I intended to etch the picture on the blade but when I made the blade, I made it with a ridge so the picture would not fit. So I decided to put it on the sheath instead.

To emboss each feather was a bit fiddly but I am satisfied with the result although I am sure it could be done better.

The marbling in the wood created by the fungus and the dye looks in my opinion even better than on the previous knife.

I used thicker pieces of stabilized birch polypore for this one as a substitute for ivory or bone. And although it looks neither like ivory nor like a bone, it looks nice.

And a decorative nut at the end of the tang again.

 It is a big knife but comparatively light, it weighs about 390 g with the sheath. During this or the next week, I will give for sale in my webshop together with the previous one.