Unique materials


Works on the third sheath do not progress as quickly as I would like, unfortunately. At the moment, it is sewn and sanded and in the process of being dyed. And while I was waiting for the dye to dry, I went for a walk in the forest. Just a walk for mental and physical health. However, I might have found some unique materials for knife making.

First I found under one birch tree a fallen witches broom. It was not very big, but after I broke off all twigs and took it home, I was able to cut out of it two pieces possibly big enough for knife handles.

Everything in the forest is of course thoroughly water-logged right now so first I must dry these pieces. After that, I will use a wire brush to remove all pieces of rotten bark and moss, etc. and if it looks like it's worth it, I will encase them in colored epoxy resin. The results could be interesting.

I also found some conks on two different birch trees. One – birch polypore – has a whiteish color on the interior of the fruiting body and it holds form after being dried out. I will try to infuse it with epoxy resin, it might serve as a substitute for ivory or bone. The other type of conk is tinder fungus, whose interior is chocolate brown. I will try to infuse it with resin too, maybe it could be an interesting material for bolsters. First I have to dry them all of course, and then put them in an enclosed container with a bit of acetone to kill off any bugs and other insects that could destroy them before I can process them.

If I manage to finish the third sheath before the next week – that is, if I do not mess it up and do not have to start all over – I will probably present three new products with a bit of talk.