"Wild Boar"


Starting the auctions was unfortunately delayed, Aukro is still in the process of transforming my account from personal to business.

The second knife I wish to present here is "Wild Boar". It too is a big camping/hunting knife with a curved blade of the skinner type. The right handle scale is decorated with a wild boar's head, and the left scale with a decorative knot. Both are framed with a pattern of spruce twigs. N690 steel, mirror polish.


The construction of the handle scales is the same as in the previous knife.

The sheath is decorated with a basket weave pattern and wild boar hoof prints. And again it has a two-layer collar to secure the knife.

The handle is smaller than in the previous knife – ca 12 cm, but the blade is too ca 17 cm long and circa 4 mm thick. It weighs 450 g with the sheath.

If you are from outside the Czech Republic yet you are interested in buying the knife, I'm afraid you will only get a chance to buy it if it does not sell in the auction. This is not improbable, so if you are interested, contact me via e-mail.