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"Black Wolf"


The third knife I wish to present here is "Black Woolf". A big camping/hunting knife with a curved blade. This time a full-length tang with a wooden handle. The blade is from spring steel 54SiCr6 blackened with oak bark extract.

"Wild Boar"


Starting the auctions was unfortunately delayed, Aukro is still in the process of transforming my account from personal to business.



I will set the knives for sale one per week for the next three weeks. Partly because I would not have much to write about otherwise – the spring approaches and I am currently completely overwhelmed with non-knife work – and partly because I think it is better to give each knife its article and not to dump them in...

Tree new knives and their sheaths are finished. Today I will present just the sheaths, due to time constraints.

Works on the third sheath do not progress as quickly as I would like, unfortunately. At the moment, it is sewn and sanded and in the process of being dyed. And while I was waiting for the dye to dry, I went for a walk in the forest. Just a walk for mental and physical health. However, I might have found some unique materials for knife making....

Unfortunately, I did not manage to do as much as I wanted to because other duties get in the way, but the work on the sheaths did progress somewhat.

Before I start making leather sheaths, I decided to make a few new leather stamps.



Scrimshaw is the name of the engraving technique on bone. In my Product gallery is a picture of a boot knife engraved with the head of a badger. These two new knives are engraved with animal motives too, although in one case the animal is, alas, extinct.